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quinta-feira, 6 de agosto de 2009

Korean National Branding. Things to think about...

This is an article published by the Joong-An Daily (중안일보), one of the big ones here. Here, Nicolai Hartvig writes about his thoughts about the subject that has been going around the high echelons of Korean Government nowadays.

As it happens in any country in this world, Korea has good and bad things. The same way Brazil, for example, has. There are lots of things here I wouldn't ever exchange for the things we have in Brazil, and vice-versa. However, the Koreans don't seem to understand this and seem to create an image of the country with a heavy make-up on. In my opinion, this can even backfire on them unless they do the job very professionally and don't try to hide the truth. Especially nowadays when information is at the reach of a click...

Read the original story -> here <-.

Um comentário:

Santo Isaac disse...

Hey, it's a page I can open with Chrome and Firefox. Ok, just kidding.

It's very hard to change a country's image, but the Korean (or the Korean government) should understand that image, perceptions and stereotypes never come up in a pack. Working both sides is the key. Confused? Ok, think about the N. Korean issue. The world should know what is going on. And ROK should take the situation head, the leadership. When we read about this problem, I have the impression that only US and Japan and sometimes Russias and China are working.
Just a exemple and probably very silly.

Ps. I don't see the demos as a problem. First, if there are street demos, it means that Korea have a politically active people. Second, much better a image of protester than a silent image, like we have in N. Korea. Or about the image of demonstrations in France or California.
More than the IT, I wish we can import the expertise to make street demos.

Pps. It is fun to see Japan as a "downtown area", but not a "major industrialized democracy".

Ppps. It is impossible to think about tolerant multicultural society when you see something like this (en sub) (jp sub)

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